Tips for the dapper man

1. Always take your girlfriends fashion advice.

2. Easy on the cologne

3. Always have a safety pin handy

4. Never leave home without lotion on your hands

5. Dont buy it unless you love it and or get approval from your other half.

6. Eat carefully “dry cleaning aint cheap”

7. Your feet will hurt,so keep something comfortable in the car.

8. A suit without a haircut is just an outfit.

9. Get a watch i.e MK5055

10. Always keep chapstick in one of your 10 pockets.

11. And don’t forget the gum

12. Don’t order Moscato wine in public.

13. Always compliment

14. No clip on ties

15. Always tip the bathroom attendant

16. No one wants to see your undershirt through your dress shirt, so buy quality not quantity.

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