Slippin’ Into Darkness

After listening to one of the world’s greatest funk bands (War) I decided to create a look that pushed the boundaries for Plus Size Men. So I  took one of their most popular songs titled “slippin into darkness” and set out to create a look that was dark yet bold, fun yet FLY……….. The Invisible…

Good Will Hunting

Inspired by a scene from Good Will Hunting where Matt damon and Robin williams are sitting on a bench in a beautiful park in Boston,MA. So I decided to take that part from the movie and make it my own, and that’s how i ended up in a beautiful park in Greenwich,CT taking advantage of…

100+ years celebrated (the great gatsby)

“Remember this moment, ‘cause it won’t always be like this. Embrace this moment when no one came to see the collection.” Kanye West In this look, I wanted to showcase how any size man can slay an overcoat with just a little bit of confidence. So I’m bringing to my audience a plus size male Great Gatsby inspired look that showcases how…

Holiday Comfort Wear

Arrive comfortable, and casual enough to make standing out in the rain look good. Jeans By Levis 541 T-shirt By Hanes Sneakers By Nike Watch By Gshock LateLamar

Warmest Winter

When you live in the Northeast part of the United States and the Indian summer has extended into mid December,you take advantage of the weather……. Welcome to the warmest winter ever; Location: (Beardsley Park) Bridgeport,Ct Shirt: Nautical Jeans: Levi’s Sneakers: Nike Kyrie 1 Watch: G-Shock Shades: Rayban 4147 LateLamar