Good Will Hunting

Inspired by a scene from Good Will Hunting where Matt damon and Robin williams are sitting on a bench in a beautiful park in Boston,MA. So I decided to take that part from the movie and make it my own, and that’s how i ended up in a beautiful park in Greenwich,CT taking advantage of…

Warmest Winter

When you live in the Northeast part of the United States and the Indian summer has extended into mid December,you take advantage of the weather……. Welcome to the warmest winter ever; Location: (Beardsley Park) Bridgeport,Ct Shirt: Nautical Jeans: Levi’s Sneakers: Nike Kyrie 1 Watch: G-Shock Shades: Rayban 4147 LateLamar

The 541 theory

When Levi’s created the 541 Jean collection for the plus size male. They created the best fitting pair of denim jeans a man could buy. And the Levi’s trucker jean jacket is a purchase that doesn’t disappoint. LateLamar

Happy Hour

Don’t ever be afraid to set the standard, loosen up your tie, and order the first drink that comes to mind. Being comfortable while indulging on the spirits of the world takes practice,so you might as well look good doing it. Not everyone can dress this casual at work so bring a change a clothes…