Keeping It Preppy

Exist to be happy, Not to impress Mixing patterns is an art, stripes and plaid are Picasso Shirts & Pants By Dockers Sneakers By Polo Sweater By Oakhill LateLamar

Arrive in style

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe Cowl By SoulDaily Pants By Enyce Sweater By Chaps Ralph Lauren Boots By Faranzi Watch By Micheal Kors Cologne By Gucci “Guilty” LateLamar

A Plus Guy’s Guide To A Fly Holiday

Everybody knows the holidays can be stressful. But figuring out what to wear to your numerous holiday functions doesn’t have to be. So I am showcasing a look a day, for the next 5 days. These Fly looks are sure to please and give my fellow plus guy’s great looks to bring in the Holidays…

Tis the season(The Grinch)

Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more! The Grinch. Happy holidays to you and yours. With Christmas rapidly approaching and mother nature finally catching up with the time, we can officially break out the winter sweaters for good this time. In this look I broke out…

Warmest Winter

When you live in the Northeast part of the United States and the Indian summer has extended into mid December,you take advantage of the weather……. Welcome to the warmest winter ever; Location: (Beardsley Park) Bridgeport,Ct Shirt: Nautical Jeans: Levi’s Sneakers: Nike Kyrie 1 Watch: G-Shock Shades: Rayban 4147 LateLamar

The Best Medicine

Laughter opens the lungs, and opening the lungs ventilates the spirit. — Unknown Sometimes stepping back and analyzing what you’re trying to accomplish in life may make you laugh,and then again its even funnier when your goal is accomplished. If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane. “Robert Frost” Shirt: Sean John Jeans: Perry…

Its all plaid

Lets face it, any pattern that has been around for centuries must be great. The history of plaid dates as far back as the 1500’s,to being bannned in Britain in the 1700’s, to lumberjacks in the USA wearing the famous red and black pattern that still to this day is widely popular. In this look,…

The 541 theory

When Levi’s created the 541 Jean collection for the plus size male. They created the best fitting pair of denim jeans a man could buy. And the Levi’s trucker jean jacket is a purchase that doesn’t disappoint. LateLamar

Happy Hour

Don’t ever be afraid to set the standard, loosen up your tie, and order the first drink that comes to mind. Being comfortable while indulging on the spirits of the world takes practice,so you might as well look good doing it. Not everyone can dress this casual at work so bring a change a clothes…

FLY Back Friday

“When it’s your birthday you wear what you want, it’s kinda like Halloween” So last December for my birthday I threw on some dark denim jeans paired well with a camouflage shirt and black Supras. And had 1 of the best birthdays ever at 9a located in Harlem,NY

Fly Plus Guy

Even when keeping it light for a casual date night,or stepping out for a drink. Do yourself a favor and keep it clean and FLY. LateLamar

You ever find yourself online shopping and at the end, while checking out,your scrambling for a fictitious coupon code on a random coupon site. Well stop wasting your time and give the company your buying from a CALL! And I can almost guarantee you some sort of result. Just recently I reached out to a…