Return to sender (a plus bizarre)

After a brief hiatus from blogging I’m back and ready to take on the world of plus size male fashion…….




 1. very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.

In this look titled “return to sender ‘ a plus bizarre” I wanted to showcase how big men in this world could make heads turn.


When it comes to making a statement we should all live by these three standards

  1. Come correct

  2. Leave little room for doubt

  3. Execute


“Walk in like you’re ready to leave”


In this look, I played with a mix of colors from a subtle burnt orange to an almost matte black, patterns such as the plaid in my shirt to the snake print on my shoes and textures like the rustic leather found in my blazer to the khakis like fabric in my Levi jeans.


Keeping in mind that fashion is what you make it, I created a look that can be worn out on a date,a small family function or just about anywhere not requiring formal dress attire.

IMG_20160328_192134.jpgAs a Plus Size Male, I find that when I put together a great look, not only do I get complemented but it fuels my confidence as well. Listed below are some bloggers that featured or mentioned my work that kept me inspired to show the world my view on plus size male fashion.

11 style bloggers to follow –

Because we can –!Because-WE-CAN/c1rfl56ef41000cf2586128045283

A round man of fashion –

Best of body positivity 2015 –

Plus size men’s clothing ideas in IG –

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