Wear Your T-Shirt with couture in mind

If you look closely to fashion trends the t-shirt is a universal garment that is seen commonly worn with jeans, slacks and now suits. Below you will find a couple of style ideas that every man will find helpful when attempting to pull off a look.


The easiest combination for your favorite t-shirt should be your go-to pair of jeans and depend on the weather a nice jacket along with a pair of classic tennis sneakers.



When deciding to wear a t-shirt with a suit just know that you have finally graduated from dressing like a man to The Man. This looks will have heads turning and jaws dropping. A deep v-neck t-shirt is needed to execute this look in my opinion along with a pair of Vans and a nice subtle watch.



A cross breed of the two previous looks the t-shirt with slacks can be a tricky outfit to put together but with a nice cardigan, the look brings street style and casual wear to a head.

cardigan_business-look - Edited

T-Shirt Tips

  1. Always avoid oversized and baggy shirts
  2. The shirt should end right below your belt buckle.
  3. A crew neck will square your shoulders and make your chest appear wider. It’s also generally a better choice for guys with longer necks.
  4. V-neck collars elongate the neck, which makes ’em ideal for shorter guys looking to create the illusion of height. They also work for bigger guys because they slim down a frame. 

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