BHM M&F Isaac Hayes

Black History Month Music & Fashion Isaac Hayes

When it comes to fashion and music if the name Isaac Hayes doesn’t come to mind and formulate into words, you mind as well walk on by……

        Isaac Hayes broke the mold when it came to being big and black,he wore jaw dropping outfits that would change the way the world would soon dress. From performing on stage with a chain jumpsuit to holding the ever so lovely Millie Jackson in a partial sequence robe. He was fearless when it came to fashion and is the driver force behind some of my looks I have shared with the world.




Typically behind a pair of designer shades Isaac could make an outfit look like gold. He was never afraid to try what others wouldn’t dare. And due to his courageous acts of blackness he is the reason why myself and other are bringing to the forefront of the industry our sense of fashion.

What He Made Cool

Still to this very day everything that Isaac contributed to fashion is still relevant, he may never be widely known for his fashion due to him being one the worlds greatest musician and lets not forget his acting career that spawn nothing but classics films.

But here are some looks Isaac created that are still being replicated and used…………….

Isaac Hayes at Home

    The motorcycle jacket, A look that has been trending for years


The Bucket Hat, A summer must have anywhere sunny


And at times he displayed avant garde inspired looks to the world of the artless…….


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