Slippin’ Into Darkness

After listening to one of the world’s greatest funk bands (War) I decided to create a look that pushed the boundaries for Plus Size Men. So I  took one of their most popular songs titled “slippin into darkness” and set out to create a look that was dark yet bold, fun yet FLY………..


The Invisible man ^

The goal for this look was to be physically visible to the untrained eye, with enough curiosity to kill a cat….

Jacket by, Tommy Hilfiger
Shades by, Rayban
Pins by, Strange ways



The Trucker ^

I wanted this look to be self explanatory, the simplicity in the title speaks attitude not volume.

Jacket and Jeans by, Levis
Belt by, Tommy Hilfiger


The Urban Tramp ^

Even the poor have style some of our greatest fashion trends come at the bottom from trash bins.

Jacket by, Sean John
Cowl by, SoulDaily
Shades by, Rayban
Watch by, Skagen


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