Good Will Hunting

Inspired by a scene from Good Will Hunting where Matt damon and Robin williams are sitting on a bench in a beautiful park in Boston,MA. So I decided to take that part from the movie and make it my own, and that’s how i ended up in a beautiful park in Greenwich,CT taking advantage of the foliage still lingering around in the middle of winter.


In this look,I wanted to showcase to the world how to carry yourself as a plus size male this winter. So I searched far and wide for this nice Kenneth Cole 3/4 length Jacket in Navy Blue, and now I introduce to the world –Good Will Hunting


“Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first” Good Will Hunting


Jacket By Kenneth Cole

Shirt By IzodIMG_20160109_214004.jpg

Jeans By Levis

Shoes By Steve MaddenIMG_20160109_212816.jpg

It’s all about comfort when you decide to dress up and look dapper.


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