100+ years celebrated (the great gatsby)

“Remember this moment, ‘cause it won’t always be like this. Embrace this moment when no one came to see the collection.” Kanye West


In this look, I wanted to showcase how any size man can slay an overcoat with just a little bit of confidence. So I’m bringing to my audience a plus size male Great Gatsby inspired look that showcases how different fabrics complement each other such as the subtleness of the velvet blazer with the classic wool that Ralph Lauren has been producing for decades now. So by just adding a velvet blazer and a pair of patent leather loafers to a classic black slacks and white shirt look I was on my way to the 1920s. All I was missing was a nice fitting overcoat and a bowtie to seal the deal. Once everything was put together I was ready to show the world of Plus Size Fashion (100 plus years celebrated)-The Great Gatsby.



An overcoat should finish off an outfit like a good ending to an F.Scott Fitzgerald novel.



Overcoat By Ralph Lauren 

Shoes By Faranzi

Pants By Dockers

Shirt By Izod

Blazer By Limea Uomo

Bow Tie By Hermoso 


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