You ever find yourself online shopping and at the end, while checking out,your scrambling for a fictitious coupon code on a random coupon site. Well stop wasting your time and give the company your buying from a CALL!


And I can almost guarantee you some sort of result.

Just recently I reached out to a company to ask why a certain color in a  certain style wasn’t on sale while others were extremely discounted. The quick and witty rep responded, it’s a pattern not a color and offered me $10.00 off without me asking or begging for it.

In another situation, I asked a company for a sample of there product. I was quickly informed that for the best result the full size is what they offer and recommend. In the same conversation they   gave me a code for 20% off.

And my last tip is for a major online shoe store that aim to please even after wearing a pair of boots for close to 3 months and not feeling satisfied they gave me a $50.00 credit not once but twice.

So do me a favor and give them a call,don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or a credit. And be sure to look into your products warranty it may cover a full replacement or repair.


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