Interview Prep&Tips

As a man we typically start off working at an early age whether its mowing lawns, a part time job,or giving a helping hand to dad. But before you know it its time for a real life job interview and here’s what you’ll need to succeed.

1. A nice plain button up shirt (properly sized) meaning take the time to get measured and fitted [$20-$35]

2. A Tie that complements your shirt (something subtle but versatile so it works with different color shirts)


3. A nice fitting pair of slacks that have no extra material around the leg accompanied by a nice fitting leather belt. Not to long,just right and no baggy or saggy pants
[$25-$35*] [$10-$20**]



4. A black or brown pair of shoes that can be paired with multiple colored shirts and slacks. [$40-$70]


5. A clean fresh shave and haircut goes along way at an interview.

6. Answer all questions as good and truthfully as possible.

7. Do research on the company

8. Always have your résumé with you in a nice professional folder.

9. Always ask questions.

10. No slang language or slouching


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