The Art Of Shaving (Review)

So after passing this store a million times I decided to take a step in and see what the hype was about, and check out their products.My first question before saying hello was “do you have anything unscented” I never have any luck with scented products on my face,neck or head.The reply was yes, we have everything in an unscented form.

Now on to my purchase I got the smallest set to give it a try,as its pretty expensive for a full size kit (pictured below)


This small sample is said to last about 2 to 3 months and cost $30 depending on shaving habits. It comes with a $25 off coupon towards a starter kit,I will be adding this to my Christmas list. (And it’s travel size)

This product is man friendly and I highly recommend it for any man that shaves his face or head. I recommend it, because it’s easy to use and the directions are elaborate which we know helps any man.

I’ve been shaving my head for about a year now and this products helps me get a good Mr.Clean finish with my personal razor (which happens to be the Shick Hydro 5 Sensitive).

The oil in step 1 goes on smooth with just a small amount(unfortunately I have a big head so I need a little more) The lather in step 2 that you can put on the brush or mix in step 3 lathers up quickly like shampoo. The after shave in step 4 leaves a nice polished look on your face or head.

So fellas definitely make your way to the closest “Art Of Shaving” buy the sample pack, and tell me what you think.
And ladies feel free to throw this in a stocking or give as a just because gift.


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